Overview of Vertical Inline Pump Motors

Last month, Tekwell Services announced the purchase of several GE Ultra Series low voltage vertical pump motors. But what is a vertical pump motor and how is it different than the more common horizontal pump motor? This month’s blog posts explore this topic.

What is a Vertical Inline Pump?

The most common type of vertical inline pump is a centrifugal pump. These pumps are commonly used to circulate low viscosity fluids (mainly water) for pipe systems that require pressurization. These vertically oriented shafts typically are integrated as part of the piping system, meaning that the intake and outflow connections are in line with each other. This keeps the water flowing steadily in the same direction. Horizontal pumps require the water to change direction in order to flow through the pump mechanism.

What are Vertical Inline Pump Motors Used For?

Vertical inline pump motors are used mainly for water supply applications such as circulating hot and cold-water in buildings, maintaining pressure in city and municipal water systems, distributing water for firefighting, providing circulation for heating and cooling systems, and boosting irrigation systems. They are also commonly used for ballast and bilge pumping.

Vertical pump motor for industrial pump repair

Need a Vertical Pump Motor? Tekwell Services Has Them!

If you are looking for a vertical pump motor, check out the GE Ultra Series low voltage vertical pump motors at Tekwell Services. These vertical pump motors are part of our industrial electric motor asset management program and are ready to meet your needs. Give us a call at 1-800-829-7454 or complete our simple online form out on our Contact page to get more details.