What are Dynamic Field Balancing Services?

Dynamic field balancing services are an essential part of an electric motor predictive maintenance service program for rotating machinery. Keeping components of your electric motors, such as fans or pulleys, well-balanced is critical to the performance and life of that electric motor

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Causes of Imbalance in Electric Motors

Imbalance occurs for many reasons such as wear and tear on moving parts within the electric motor or buildup of dirt or grease on a fan and is the most common cause of failure for electric motors with rotating parts or use bearings. Anytime an electric motor is out of balance it causes excess noise, heat and wear on the components within it. Dynamic field balancing services are designed to identify these issues early and address them before they become costly repairs or–in worse case scenarios–replacement of the electric motor altogether. For more information about the benefits of dynamic field balancing services, check out our blog post on the topic.

Dynamic field balancing services can be performed both in the shop and in the field and use tests such as ultrasonic motor testing and infrared thermographic studies to determine the source of the vibration or imbalance. Once the source has been discovered a service technician can address the issue, whether it is a defective part, a dirty fan or a part that was not installed correctly, and then perform dynamic field balancing services to bring the electric motor back in alignment.

Need Dynamic Field Balancing Services?

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