What to Look for in an Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane Inspection—Part 1

Overhead travelling bridge cranes are used in situations where minimal downtime is essential. Because of this, regular inspection of the overhead bridge crane is essential to avoid unplanned downtime.

But what do you look for? Here are some of the common elements to look at in a travelling overhead bridge crane inspection:

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Hook & Thrust Opening

The hooks on overhead cranes get beat up because of daily use. They should be inspected frequently to make sure that the hook does not have an excessive thrust opening or is not bent or twisted more than 10 degrees. The hook latch bearings should also be inspected for wear or damage, and examine the hook itself for cracks.

Hoist Rope

The hoist rope is subject to a lot of wear and tear in an overhead travelling bridge crane. These can get twisted, worn or get foreign substances on them which may weaken it. Improper dead-ending and inadequate lubrication may also contribute to damaging the hoist rope. Because it is a critical, load bearing part of the crane, it needs to be inspected for these issues daily.

Rope Drum

This is the lifting mechanism that reels in and spools out to hoist rope as needed to raise and lower the load for the overhead bridge crane.

Limit Switch

Limit switches prevent damage to a crane if a loss of control such as over-travel of the hook block. These are critical safety measures installed on cranes to prevent damage to the crane. Both the upper and lower boom hoist limit switches must be checked initially each day when first using the crane.


Both the motor brake and mechanical load brake are important components on an overhead travelling bridge crane. These need to be inspected carefully for signs on excessive heat, wear, or grease or oil on the linings. The brake should function with no slippage when engaged.

This ends Part 1 of our series on What to Look for in an Overhead Travelling Bridge Cane Inspection, return again next month for Part 2 where we will tell you what to look for in the trolley, runway and more.

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