What is an Electric Motor Circuit Analysis?

An electric motor circuit analysis is a series of tests that diagnoses the overall health of an electric motor. These tests determine if there are any electrical imbalances or degraded insulation within the motor. When a motor suffers from either of these issues, they can create rogue electrical currents that circulate through the motor, creating excess heat. This excess heat can damage the motor by causing the insulation to degrade faster and cause the motor to run inefficiently which shortens the motor’s lifespan and possibly becomes a safety risk.

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Online and Offline Electric Motor Circuit Analysis Tests

A typical electric motor circuit analysis consists of online testing–tests that can be performed while the motor is running, and offline tests–tests that are conducted while the motor is not in operation.

Standard online electric motor circuit analysis tests look for issues such as defective or loose rotor bars, cracked end rings, and misalignments, as well as voltage imbalance and harmonic issues.

Typical offline tests measure resistance to ground, but tests measuring other electrical qualities such as capacitance–helps determine if the windings have been contaminated by water or dirt–and inductance which helps identify turn-to-turn shorts, and also assess overall issues with the motor’s resistance in the AC circuits.

Tekwell Services Uses MCEMAX® for Electric Motor Circuit Analysis

The tool we use here at Tekwell for electric motor circuit analysis is MCEMAX® powered by MCEGold®. This is a portable electric motor circuit analysis unit that can be used anywhere for online or offline motors to provide a comprehensive analysis of an electric motor. This unit probes for issues such stator and rotor problems, defective or degraded insulation, power circuit issues, and power quality issues and air gaps. All of these issues can be diagnosed immediately onsite.

The data collected by the MCEMAX® can also be analyzed in detail back at Tekwell to provide detailed descriptions of problems, isolate the root cause for each of these issues in order to apply preventive maintenance to mitigate them before they lead to costly motor failure.

Is it Time for an Electric Motor Circuit Analysis?

Performing a comprehensive electric motor circuit analysis today can save you considerable cost as a result of motor failure, downtime or the shortened life of your electric motors. Take advantage of our MCEMAX® process and get your comprehensive electric motor circuit analysis by calling 1-800-829-7454 or completing our online Pump and Electric Motor Repair Form to get the process started today.