Why Your Electric Motor Repair Company Should Be Obsessed with Quality

Most businesses claim to care about quality, but what does this mean for an electric motor repair shop, and–more importantly–what does it mean to you?

Saves You Money

Electric motor repair shops that are dedicated to quality will save you money. These shops meticulously document their service and quality processes. They also make sure that their service technicians are properly trained and certified by taking manufacturer-specific training on the electric motors and industrial pumps they service. They also complete comprehensive certification programs such as the SKF certified motor rebuilder program.

Providing quality in an electric motor repair shop Atlanta, GA

You may pay a little more upfront, but it will pay off because of the skill and experience of the service technicians get the job done right the first time, and they will discover issues that may have cost you a lot more on down the road if they were not detected and addressed.

Saves You Time

Electric motor repair shops that are obsessed with quality believe in comprehensive documentation of their service process and procedures. They also make use of detailed service checklists to make sure that nothing is missed when servicing or rewinding an electric motor.

These shops also have the equipment and experience to deliver a comprehensive battery of electric motor predictive and preventative maintenance services such as an electric motor vibration analysis, and infrared thermographic studies that uncover problems long before they impact or damage your motors. This significantly improves the efficiency of the motor, saving energy costs as well as time spent repairing and replacing motors that have not been part of a preventive maintenance program.

Reduces Downtime

A sudden, complete electric motor failure in any production environment can cost you thousands of dollars an hour as the company and its employees wait for an emergency repair or replacement of an electric motor.

Significantly reducing unplanned downtime is probably the biggest benefit of an electric motor repair company obsessed with quality. Their predictive and preventive maintenance services all are geared toward identifying issues and repairing them at a time that limits the productivity impact on your operation. They can schedule repairs during “off-hours” or at a slow time for your business. They may be able to install or bring backup motors online during scheduled repairs and avoid a complete work stoppage during that repair or routine maintenance.

Experience Counts

Electric motor repair shops that are obsessed with quality believe in hiring the best service technicians, providing them with the best training available, and keeping them happy. There is no substitute for practical, “in-the-trenches” experience in electric motor repair. At Tekwell Services, many of our service technicians have been with us for 10, 15 and even more than 20 years. That is a lot of knowledge and skill that can be focused on your business.

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