Pros and Cons of Vertical Pump Motors

Horizontal and vertical pump motors essentially serve the same function, moving fluids from one place to another, but there are several differences in how they operate and situations where they work best.

Floorspace Requirement

Horizontal pumps take up anywhere from 2 to 3 times more floorspace than a similar capacity vertical inline pump. Since vertical inline pumps are typically part of the piping system, they can be suspended as part of the overhead pipes and require far less floorspace (if any) as a result.
Horizontal pumps also require the fluid to change direction in order to flow into the pump which requires more piping and space in order to work properly. Vertical inline pumps are good choices when you do not have a lot of surface area on the ground to work with.
Vertical pump motor for repair example

Temperature and Pressure Requirements

Vertical inline pumps are designed to operate at higher temperatures and pressures than horizontal pumps and are ideal for situations involving the transport of high temperature and high-pressure fluids. Because of this design, vertical inline pump motors have a longer pump motor life.

Installation and Maintenance

Horizontal pumps are easier to install and maintain. When an industrial pump repair is needed understand that a vertical inline pump requires a lot of headroom for installation and maintenance and are typically harder to access when repairs are necessary. However, vertical inline pump motors tend to be more reliable and need less maintenance and repairs than horizontal pumps.


Because of the design and the increased temperature and pressure requirements for vertical pumps they are more expensive than a horizontal pump with similar power and capacity.

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