What is Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance?

Everyone has heard of, and understands what electric motor preventive maintenance is, but what exactly is electric motor predictive maintenance?

Electric motor predictive maintenance is when you use non-destructive tests such as infrared thermographic studies and electric motor vibration analysis to electric motors currently in service to identify possible problems so that corrections can be made before they become serious problems requiring an unplanned work interruption.

Ultrasonic motor testing performed as part of an electric motor predictive maintenance program

Essentially electric motor predictive maintenance tries to “predict” and correct problems before they become expensive and impact productivity. Predictive maintenance is performed on at regularly scheduled intervals and the results are carefully documented to track potential issues.

Benefits of Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance

A solid electric motor predictive maintenance program benefits the company in the following ways:

  • Saves money – Because service is provided only when necessary and money is not wasted on unnecessary services.
  • Reduces downtime – the number of unplanned failures is reduced and replaced with shorter planned service outages to perform maintenance services on the electric motors.
  • Increases the lifetime of the equipment
  • Improves the safety of the plant and workers within it

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