Factors to Consider Before Using a Motor Rewinding Service

One of the challenges of working with electric motors is determining what to do when the motor fails. Do you rewind the motor or replace it?

Here are some things to consider when determining if using a motor rewinding service is right for your motor:

How Old is the Motor?

The age of the motor is a factor due to the standards established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. These laws established new efficiency requirements for electric motors (as part of the overall program) and these motors are far more efficient and thus less expensive to operate in motors that are 10-years old or older. If the motor is 10 years or older, go ahead and replace it as soon as possible.

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Is the Stator Core Damaged?

Damaged stator cores cannot be rewound without a lot of effort. A typical cause of stator core damage is when there is a bearing failure which is when the rotor rubs against the stator core and damages the laminations. Even if this motor is rewound, chances are that it will not run efficiently and run at a higher temperature, which will lead to another failure.

How Critical is the Motor to Your Operation?

If this motor is a workhorse, in constant use 24/7, a motor rewinding service can improve the motor efficiency and extend the life of the motor. If it is a backup or a small motor that isn’t used very often, a motor rewind might not be necessary or cost effective.

Evaluate the Cost of a Motor Rewind vs. a Motor Replacement

Depending on the motor and the type of motor rewinding service needed, the cost of rewinding a motor is typically anywhere from 30 to 50% that of replacing an existing motor. But another factor to consider is how much power will the newly rewound motor need when compared to purchasing a new (likely more energy efficient) motor. Do the calculations before making a decision.

Need a Motor Rewinding Service?

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