4 More Benefits of Using an Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit for Electric Motor Service

Last month, we provided details about three benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaning unit. Here are four more benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaner for electric motor repair and rebuilding.

Saves Time

Probably the biggest benefit of using an ultrasonic cleaning unit is the massive amount of time it saves in the cleaning process when compared to spraying or scrubbing. Because an ultrasonic cleaner emits up to 40,000 pulses per second at many different angles, it loosens and removes contaminants far quicker, than other cleaning methods.

More Reliable Than Other Cleaning Methods

Because ultrasonic cleaners have fewer moving parts–such as pumps, bearings, seals or fans–than sprayers or scrubbers, ultrasonic cleaner parts tend to be more durable, work longer, and with less wear and tear. This reliability also results in less cost for replacement parts and repair downtime.

Ultrasonic cleaner at an electric motor repair shop Atlanta, GA

Environmentally Friendly

Most detergents used in our ultrasonic cleaner are environmentally safe. Ultrasonic cleaners also use less water than sprayer systems and some scrubbing systems. Because ultrasonic cleaning takes a lot less time than other cleaning methods, it consumes less power which is better for our environment.

Removes Many Different Types of Contaminants

Ultrasonic cleaners can remove almost any type of contaminant from a part, including those wedged in hard-to-reach crevasses and fittings. Contaminants commonly present within electric motor repair such as oil, grease, carbon, paint, and dirt–just to name a few–can be loosened and removed from a part’s surface with the ultrasonic wave action.

Ready for an Environmentally Friendly Ultrasonic Cleaning?

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