Story behind the scenes: Tennessee electric motor rebuilding

Mark McKinney’s World: Knoxville’s Industrial Motor Repair Leader

Mark McKinney is the vice president and general manager of Tekwell Services’ facility in Knoxville, Tennessee – and makes the following bold statement. “We really are the best in the industry. At Tekwell, you’ll meet a group of people who are all passionate about their work, who really like what they do – and are very good at what they do. This creates an atmosphere that allows for the best customer service and quality of product possible.”

Mark has decades of experience in the electric motor repair and rebuilding industry. “I’m responsible for the facility,” he says, “including equipment and personnel, our upgrades, programs and processes, customer relations and more. I love working here because I’m surrounded by like-minded people.”

Daily Life at an Electric Motor Rebuilding Facility

Many customers, Mark says, are municipal clients: water, wastewater and power. There are also customers from the plastics, metal stamping, paper production and steel industries, among other heavy industries. “They have the equipment,” he says, “that require our services.”
As far as the work environment? Always changing and never dull! “Lots happens at once,” Mark says, “and our days are full of deadlines and the need to juggle many skills at once.” Equipment has evolved over the past five or ten years to make the processes more efficient, but the technicians still need a diverse set of skills to deal with the versatile needs of customers. “We might work on a small piece of equipment,” Mark says, “and then switch to a huge piece that moves tons of material. We deal with manufacturing processes in multiple sectors, so every day is different, from start to finish.”

Secret Ingredient to a World Class Electric Motor Repair Shop

Plenty of companies aspire to be the best – but don’t want to invest in top quality facilities, equipment and people. At Tekwell, ownership is “very generous with the approach, not holding back on investing in what we need to be the best.”

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