Five generations of electric motor rebuilding!

Jamey Steffner: Electric Motor Rebuilding Shop CEO

You can hear the family pride in Jamey Steffner’s voice as he talks about his great-great- grandfather opening up an electric motor repair business way back in the 1890s. What an exciting time to work on motors, with so much potential on the horizon!

The love of entrepreneurship has continued through the Steffner family over the next four generations, with Jamey’s grandfather – and then father – starting their own businesses in the industry. This shrewd business acumen led Jamey’s father to buy the company that is Tekwell Services today. “We’re all about organic business growth,” Jamey says. “Located in Tennessee and Georgia now, we’re looking to expand to other parts of the states, as well as in surrounding states.”

Jamey is modest about his role in the company, which involves business development and marketing. And, here’s what he says is close to his heart: providing tech support. “I have an electrical engineering degree,” he says, “and so I can provide a good foundation for our in-plant services, where we troubleshoot and upgrade motors.”

“Maniacal” about Electric Motor Repair Quality

Tekwell Services is a member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), and are SKF-certified rebuilders. These organizations only endorse top notch repair centers. “Our goal,” Jamey says, “is to continue to gain certifications and to become increasingly recognized for our quality procedures and work. We plan to continue to differentiate ourselves because of quality.”

Ongoing Commitment to Industrial Motor Repair Services

Plenty of companies aspire to be the best – but don’t want to invest in top quality facilities, equipment and people. At Tekwell, though, the company invests its resources strategically to provide customers with the best service possible, in every way, every day.

Contact Tekwell Services online for your industrial motor repair –or use this form if you need on-site electric motor rebuilding and/or maintenance. Or, call our Tennessee office toll-free at 800-829-7454. Need to talk to the Cartersville, Georgia office instead? Call 888-984-4668.