Industry motor repair company shares networking tips

Importance of Joining Professional Organizations

In today’s world, networking is crucial – crucial to broaden your network of professional contacts, to learn even more about the industry from different perspectives and to mentor younger professionals on their career path. A helpful article, titled Top 10 Reasons to Join a Professional Organization, shares more details about the benefits of joining.

The number one reason listed is to broaden your knowledge, perhaps through seminars offered by an organization. Quality organizations, the article points out, “keep themselves and their members up to date on the latest industry innovations, research and trends. Staying informed on your industry’s trends will only help you in the long run and will put you one step ahead of the competition!”

Other reasons include enhancing your career and leadership abilities – and of course, making key connections. “For most people, creating professional relationships is important, and joining a group allows you to have a sense of security and trust.”

Read the article for even more reasons! published an interesting spin on the topic, too: that millennials, who often scorn professional organizations as “old school” are interested in them when founded by peers of a similar age. Because of that, groups such as YEC and FounderSociety have “sparked a resurgence of professional organization because they are meeting the wants and needs of Millennial professionals and business owners.” To succeed, groups appealing to that demographic need to be “innovative, tech savvy and useful.” When those are present, 92 percent of people surveyed believe that these professional groups provide great opportunities to network.

The article also quotes Glenn Curtis who says that, “Professional organizations allow for a congregation of intelligent, like-minded professionals that are immersed in the inner workings of the industry to gather and provide participants with access to a variety of opinions and ideas.”

Electric Motor Repair Company Joins Professional Organization: TAUD

What’s most important is to choose the organization(s) that dovetails with your company’s professional needs. As we just blogged about, Tekwell Services is now a proud associate member of the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD). This organization serves more than 500 utilities and businesses in the state of Tennessee, and its mission is to “provide the highest quality technical, legal and operational support to assist its members in delivering safe and efficient services in the public interest.”

Choosing the Best Industrial Motor Repair Company

And, just like it’s crucial to join the right professional organizations, it’s just as important to pick the right pros when you need electric motor repair. At Tekwell, we invests its resources strategically to provide customers with the best service possible, in every way, every day.

Contact Tekwell Services online for your industrial motor repair – or use this form if you need on-site electric motor rebuilding and/or maintenance. Or, call our Tennessee office toll-free at 800-829-7454. Need to talk to the Cartersville, Georgia office instead? Call 888-984-4668.