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Electric Motor Repair Company Joins TAUD

Tekwell Services is now a proud associate member of the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD). This organization serves more than 500 utilities and businesses in the state of Tennessee, and its mission is to “provide the highest quality technical, legal and operational support to assist its members in delivering safe and efficient services in the public interest.”

David Brooks, outside sales representative for Tekwell Services in Knoxville, Tennessee shares more about the decision to join. “We do quite a bit of electric motor repair and pump repair for utility companies in Tennessee,” he says, “along with those in South Carolina and Georgia. Utility company work is in fact a specialty of ours and now we have a greater opportunity to network with these professionals and exchange useful information with one another.”

Choosing to Join TAUD

Out of all the various professional organizations that Tekwell Services could join, why did they choose TAUD?

“My father,” David says, “ran a wastewater treatment plant and was the past president of another utility organization. So, I was aware of the opportunities. Then a customer suggested that we attend a local meeting of TAUD that was just 15 minutes away – and we did. We immediately knew that we needed to be a part of this organization.”

Full members of TAUD are utility districts, and Tekwell became an associate member. As an associate member, Tekwell company information is included in published literature and full members are encouraged to use associates as suppliers – in Tekwell’s case, for industrial motor repair, pump repair, when utility companies need to purchase new equipment and so forth. At the next quarterly TAUD meeting, Tekwell can put on a 15-minute presentation to share information about services and, as David puts it, “to just let other people know what we’re all about.”

Tekwell Services: Exceptional Industrial Motor Repair Services

Plenty of companies aspire to be the best – but don’t want to invest in top quality facilities, equipment and people. At Tekwell, though, the company invests its resources strategically to provide customers with the best service possible, in every way, every day.

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