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Stages of an Electric Motor Rewinding Service – Part 1

Last month we reviewed the initial stages of an electric motor rewinding service: Information Gathering Stage In-Depth Inspection Stage Testing and Cleaning Stage This month goes over the critical final three stages of the electric motor rewinding service process. Motor Rewind Stage The damaged windings are removed from the core, the cores are tested for core loss, and then the windings are either refurbished or replaced and then rewound back into the motor using as the original configuration of the winding–or a more efficient winding if one is available for your model of mot

Stages of an Electric Motor Rewinding Service – Part 1

Your electric motor has broken down and you have taken it to a motor rewinding shop. What happens to it? How does the motor rewinding service process work? Information Gathering Stage The first step is that an electric motor repair technician gathers information about the motor. This includes an initial inspection. The technician looks for blocked air ducts and missing or damaged external parts. The technician should also pull information from the nameplate(s) on the motor to make sure that all of the critical manufacturer information (original manufacturer, part number, service dates, etc.)

Factors to Consider Before Using a Motor Rewinding Service

One of the challenges of working with electric motors is determining what to do when the motor fails. Do you rewind the motor or replace it? Here are some things to consider when determining if using a motor rewinding service is right for your motor: How Old is the Motor? The age of the motor is a factor due to the standards established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. These laws established new efficiency requirements for electric motors (as part of the overall program) and these motors are far more efficient and thus less expensive