Our electric motor repairs keep up with technology

Cutting Edge Electric Motor Technology  Electric motors use magnets to turn electrical energy into mechanical energy, although not all use the same types of magnets. A small percentage of them use rare earth material (REM) magnets; these are highly effective with “incredibly strong magnetic fields at small sizes,” which means that smaller, more efficient electric motors can be manufactured. Electron Energy Corp. has partnered with researchers at the University of Delaware to create a process that increases electric resistivity by 30 percent or more. Motors made with these magnets woul

Save money with efficient electric motor operation

Efficient Electric Motor Operation Saves You Money Electric motors power much of the modern economy and that’s unlikely to change. In fact, global revenue for motor drives was approximately $11.2 billion in 2011, which was a 15.9 percent increase of 2010’s figures of nearly $9.7 billion. The figure predicted for 2016? $16.3 billion! Because of this widespread usage, the systems powered by electric motors are the largest single use of electricity, twice as much as lighting. So, it’s only natural that governments of industrial countries are investing in research and development to in