What Are Some of the Common Causes of Electrical Motor Repairs?

Because electric motors are used for many different applications and in so many different environments, the number of electric motor repair problems you might encounter may seem limitless, but in fact they tend to break down into several distinct categories: Blown Fuses or Tripped Circuit Breakers These are the most common problems encountered and the easiest ones to fix. Simply flip the breaker or change the fuse and you are back in action. Contamination Another extremely common problem is damage caused to the electric motor by contamination of some sort. Contaminants such as dirt, gr

Why Your Electric Motor Repair Company Should Be Obsessed with Quality

Most businesses claim to care about quality, but what does this mean for an electric motor repair shop, and–more importantly–what does it mean to you? Saves You Money Electric motor repair shops that are dedicated to quality will save you money. These shops meticulously document their service and quality processes. They also make sure that their service technicians are properly trained and certified by taking manufacturer-specific training on the electric motors and industrial pumps they service. They also complete comprehensive certification programs such as the SKF certified motor rebu

What is an Electric Motor Circuit Analysis?

An electric motor circuit analysis is a series of tests that diagnoses the overall health of an electric motor. These tests determine if there are any electrical imbalances or degraded insulation within the motor. When a motor suffers from either of these issues, they can create rogue electrical currents that circulate through the motor, creating excess heat. This excess heat can damage the motor by causing the insulation to degrade faster and cause the motor to run inefficiently which shortens the motor’s lifespan and possibly becomes a safety risk. Online and Offline Electric Motor Ci

What to Look for in a Hoist Overhead Crane Inspection – Part 2

Last month in Part 1 of our blog series about What to Look for in a Hoist Overhead Crane Inspection, we covered the inspection of the hooks, wire/rope and chain, suspension lug and general part inspection. Why are regular overhead crane inspections important? They keep your employees safe, and delaying routine service and maintenance for your hoist cranes can result in very expensive repairs and possibly downtime that disrupts your business. Here are some additional common inspection points in a hoist overhead crane inspection: Disc Motor Brake The disc motor brake needs to be inspected f

What to Look for in a Hoist Overhead Crane Inspection – Part 1

Shops that have hoist overhead cranes depend on them and they typically see heavy use within the shop. But do you get them inspected on a regular basis? What do you look for? Uninspected hoist overhead cranes can be expensive if you put off routine service and maintenance, not to mention unsafe for your workers. Here are some of the common problems to look for in a hoist overhead crane inspection: Hooks The hooks on overhead cranes get beat up because of daily use. They should be inspected frequently to make sure that the hook does not have an excessive throat opening or is not bent or tw

What Are Some Common Electric Motor Control Problems?

All in all, electric motors are some of the most reliable equipment around. They are used in almost every environment, including some very extreme environments. As a result, they can be damaged by getting contaminated by dirt, moisture, oil or grease. They can be installed incorrectly, mishandled, or even run in conditions that go beyond what they were built for. These situations can impact the motor control and cause many different types of problems which may require some troubleshooting. Loss of Phase Voltage One of the common problems encountered while diagnosing a motor for an electric m

A High-Level History of Overhead Cranes

Almost everyone has seen an overhead crane, either in person because they work for one of the many industries such as automotive manufacturing, steel production, loading and unloading of ships and trains, or any number of heavy industrial manufacturing plants; or in the movies or on TV. But what many people don’t know is that the overhead crane has been around for over 175 years. The first overhead cranes were steam powered and invented by the German company, Ludwig Stuckenholz, in the 1830’s and were mass produced in the 1840’s. But the first electric overhead crane did not appea

Benefits of Purchasing a Danfoss Drive from Tekwell Services

Tekwell Services is proud to be an authorized Danfoss distributor. We carry Danfoss drives, and here are some of the reasons that you should consider the purchase of a Danfoss AC drive from Tekwell Services. Danfoss is the World Leader in AC Drives Danfoss has just celebrated its 50th anniversary as the first company to mass produce AC drives. Ever since, they have always been on the cutting edge of AC drive technology. Backed by over 1000 engineers in Research and Development, Danfoss is dedicated to the development, manufacture and distribution of AC drives. Get the Benefit of Danfoss

Different Types of Overhead Cranes–Part 2

Overhead cranes are a fixture in many industrial and manufacturing environments, and typically they are customized to meet the company’s specific needs. Back in October, we started a new blog series about the different types of overhead cranes that Tekwell Services provides inspections and repairs for. If you missed part 1 of this series check out Different Types of Overhead Cranes– Part 1. Jib Cranes These cranes do not have a track or runway like single and double girder bridge cranes. They appear as two girders attached at a 90-degree angle like a straight branch jutting out from a t

4 Benefits of WEG Variable Speed Drives

As an authorized WEG motors distributor and WEG variable speed drive repair specialists, Tekwell Services knows a lot about the WEG variable speed drives and how installing one within your operation will benefit you. Here are some of the specific benefits that you can expect by purchasing a WEG variable speed drive: 1 - WEG Variable Speed Drives Are Versatile WEG variable speed drives are used by many different industries such as cement production, mining, chemicals, oil and gas, sugar production, alcohol production, metal, water and wastewater, HVAC, paper and many more. WEG variable speed