Tekwell Services Hires Additional Staff to Support Strong Growth in 2020

Tekwell Services is growing rapidly, and we are pleased to announce the addition of the following people to our electric motor repair company: Marshall Harvey – Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Marshall has been a CPA for over 30 years. He has extensive experience in financial services, financial institutions, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Marshall comes to us from Elliott Davis where he served as the assurance shareholder in the Financial Services Group, serving private investment companies and employee benefit plans. Marshall is active in the Chattanooga communi

5 Things to Look for in an Excellent WEG Electric Motor Distributor

There are many different businesses that serve as WEG electric motor distributors, but what do you look for in a high-quality WEG motor distributor? Read this article and find out. 1 – Knowledgeable Staff WEG offers a variety of drives, electric motors, and other equipment across a broad scope of industries including energy, farming, water and wastewater, steel production and manufacturing, paper, and many more. An excellent WEG distributor has the proper sales literature on-hand and has a general understanding about all WEG products, and how to get more information about them if necessa

What Are Industrial Motor Controls for Electric Motors?

Industrial motor controls for electric motors are important for many reasons, the main one being that electric motors consume a lot of power, which is a large chunk of an industrial operation’s energy costs for the year. Every bit of power you can conserve results in significant savings. Through this end, machine automation was developed for electric motors so they get the most benefit out from the exact amount of power needed to operate them. What Are Industrial Motor Controls Used for? Machine automation controls are used by almost any large industrial function that works with industrial

Different Types of Electric Motor Bearings and What They Are Used For

Because the design and uses of electric motors vary across many different industries, there are many different types of bearings used to support them. Here are just a few of them: Basic Ball Bearings Basic ball bearings are used for direct coupled applications. These are commonly seen in non-belted applications in electric motors that are under 150 HP. They can handle both radial and axial loads. Standard Roller Bearings These bearings are specifically designed for radial loads because they cannot handle axial loads. These are used for belted applications in motors with at least 150 HP.

6 Components of Electric Motor Bearings

The electric motor bearing is the root of everything in an electric motor and critical to the smooth operation of it. As a result, there are many different electric motor bearing types and designs available for electric motors, depending on factors such as: Bearing Load Bearing Speed Operating Environment Mounting Arrangement But most bearing types and designs have these components: 1 – Ball The tiny chrome steel spheres that form the smallest critical part of any ball bearing. They must be perfectly spherical in shape in order to roll smoothly within the bearing

5 Reasons Why You Should Bring in an Overhead Crane Inspection Specialist

Overhead cranes are an important part of almost every manufacturing or fabrication shop out there. And problems with them may interfere with the smooth operation of your shop if you don’t address them quickly. Engaging an overhead crane inspection specialist is the best way to deal with these issues before they become serious and expensive to fix. 1 – Saves You Time and Money Any time you take on a task that is outside your area of in-depth experience it takes time to remember what needs to be inspected, what the warning signs of problems might be, and locating the various resources

7 of the Most Common Parts That Need Repair on Industrial Electric Motors

Industrial electric motors are a huge investment (and expense) for an industrial business. Replacing these motors is rarely a good option for these businesses, so the best way of taking care of them is through replacing parts and preventing problems before they even occur. Here are some of the most common parts that are repaired or replaced on industrial electric motors. 1 – Motor Windings Motor windings are wires that are shaped into coils that are inserted into the motor stator. Because of the nature of running electrical motors in heavy industrial environments, the windings are often su

7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Industrial Pump

Industrial pumps are a critical part of many operations, and when an industrial pump repair isn’t feasible you may need to buy a new one. New industrial pumps are expensive, and because of this it is very important that you get all of the necessary information so that you select the pump that is right for your operation. Here are 7 questions that anyone in the market for a new industrial pump should ask themselves. 1 – What Was the Size of the Pump to Be Replaced? The size of the pump that is being replaced is an excellent place to start when selecting a new industrial pump. Was it a

Best Practices for Using Grease for Bearing Lubrication

The best way to reduce your need for electric motor service is to protect the bearings of your electric motors, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that the bearings for that motor are always adequately lubricated. Most electric motor bearings use grease for lubrication (although some use lubricating oil). But there are a few things you need to know about using grease for the bearing lubrication process. Use the Correct Grease When it comes to using grease for lubrication, one size does not fit all. Always use the grease recommended by the manufacturer of the electric moto

7 Factors That Impact Bearing Lubrication Effectiveness in Electric Motors

According to a study performed by the Noria Corporation, the number one root cause of electric motor failure is bearings. At 51% this cause of failure far exceeds the number two reasons–windings and external sources– both at 16% each. And the best way to protect your bearings from wear and tear is to have a regular bearing lubrication schedule in place as part of your electric motor preventive maintenance program. Although your electric motor manufacturer’s recommendations should always be the final word on how often you need to apply lubrication to your motor bearings, there are