What Situations Are Good for Using a Variable Frequency Drive?

In general, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are good for reducing the wear and tear of mechanical parts in large industrial electric motors because they “smooth out” the electrical current by eliminating power spikes. VFDs also reduce the impact of brown outs and other electrical problems associated with the use of large electric motors in the industrial setting. These issues most commonly appear when the motor starts up, since electric motors typically require a lot of power at the start, but they can also occur in any situation where the load on the motor varies, or needs to star

Repair or Replace? – 6 Things to Think About When Servicing an Electric Motor

Repair or replace an existing electric motor? This is the dilemma that all companies that use them faces from time to time. Both replacing and repairing electric motors is expensive, so how do you determine the best course of action when you find your electric motor out of operation? There are several factors you need to consider before making a decision and you need to gather the information about all of them before making the best choice for your operation. Was There a Bearing Failure? Bearing failures are a common problem with electric motors, and if a bearing failure occurs, it cause

4 Qualities of an Excellent Electric Motor Rewinding Shop

There are a lot of shops out there who perform electric motor rewinding service, but how do you select the best one for the job? Here are four qualities you should look for in an excellent electric motor rewinding shop: Provides Thorough Testing Services for the Electric Motor One of the most important aspects of an exceptional electric motor rewind service provider is the ability to determine if a rewind is needed in the first place. Performing tests such as surge and hipot testing and core tests are helpful in determining if a motor will benefit from rewinding in the first place and/or

3 Features of NEMA Electrical Motors

We’ve already covered what a NEMA electric motor is in another blog post. NEMA stands for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and is an organization that was created as part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA). The purpose of this organization is to improve motor efficiency in order to reduce the energy and operating costs for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings and, as a result, reduce the amount of electricity consumed by electric motors and reduce pollution. One of NEMA’s goals is make it easier for companies to manufacture elec

What is an Electric Motor Power Quality Study?

In the past, if you needed to evaluate the performance of your electric motor you needed to take it offline, where you could test the motor in a motor test bed. The problem with this method of electric motor testing is that it was not an accurate reflection of the motor’s performance in the facility where it operated. A motor test bed tests the electric motor by simulating the best possible conditions. Why Is an Electric Motor Power Quality Study Important? Electric motors are staples in industrial companies all over the world, and some studies have shown that they can consume up to 70

What to Look for in an Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane Inspection—Part 2

Last month in Part 1 of What to Look for in an Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane Inspection, we covered what to look for in the hook and thrust opening, hoist rope, rope drum, limit switch and brakes. Here are some other points of inspection during a traveling bridge overhead crane inspection: Trolley Motor and Coupling The trolley motor powers the hoisting mechanism traveling on the bridge rails and needs to be inspected monthly for any excessive wear and tear, leaks or cracks. The trolley coupling also needs to be inspected monthly for the same–excessive wear and tear, cracks, etc. It al

What are Dynamic Field Balancing Services?

Dynamic field balancing services are an essential part of an electric motor predictive maintenance service program for rotating machinery. Keeping components of your electric motors, such as fans or pulleys, well-balanced is critical to the performance and life of that electric motor Causes of Imbalance in Electric Motors Imbalance occurs for many reasons such as wear and tear on moving parts within the electric motor or buildup of dirt or grease on a fan and is the most common cause of failure for electric motors with rotating parts or use bearings. Anytime an electric motor is out of b

What to Look for in an Overhead Traveling Bridge Crane Inspection—Part 1

Overhead travelling bridge cranes are used in situations where minimal downtime is essential. Because of this, regular inspection of the overhead bridge crane is essential to avoid unplanned downtime. But what do you look for? Here are some of the common elements to look at in a travelling overhead bridge crane inspection: Hook & Thrust Opening The hooks on overhead cranes get beat up because of daily use. They should be inspected frequently to make sure that the hook does not have an excessive thrust opening or is not bent or twisted more than 10 degrees. The hook latch bearings

What Are Some of the Common Causes of Electrical Motor Repairs?

Because electric motors are used for many different applications and in so many different environments, the number of electric motor repair problems you might encounter may seem limitless, but in fact they tend to break down into several distinct categories: Blown Fuses or Tripped Circuit Breakers These are the most common problems encountered and the easiest ones to fix. Simply flip the breaker or change the fuse and you are back in action. Contamination Another extremely common problem is damage caused to the electric motor by contamination of some sort. Contaminants such as dirt, gr

Why Your Electric Motor Repair Company Should Be Obsessed with Quality

Most businesses claim to care about quality, but what does this mean for an electric motor repair shop, and–more importantly–what does it mean to you? Saves You Money Electric motor repair shops that are dedicated to quality will save you money. These shops meticulously document their service and quality processes. They also make sure that their service technicians are properly trained and certified by taking manufacturer-specific training on the electric motors and industrial pumps they service. They also complete comprehensive certification programs such as the SKF certified motor rebu