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4 Benefits of Using a Motor Rewinding Service

When your electric motor is not performing as expected, you often must make a critical decision about it: Rewind it or replace it. There are some instances where rewinding a motor simply is not a practical solution, but many times using a motor rewinding service is a better, lower cost, option. Here are the benefits of using a motor rewinding service: Saves money At less than half the cost of replacing an electrical motor, a motor rewind is an especially cost effective solution when considering large enclosed motors over 100hp. Saves time Most motor rewind jobs take less than x # of hou

4 Benefits of Implementing an Industrial Electric Motor Asset Management Program

A well run industrial electric motor asset management program allows a company to get the most out of its existing electrical motors, as well as making good decisions on whether to repair or replace existing electric motors. Reduce Energy Costs When your existing industrial electric motors are running at peak efficiency, you are saving money on energy costs. And since this is estimated to be 95% of an electrical motor’s operating cost over a lifetime, this savings can be huge. With this in mind, a decision may need to be made about replacing an older, less efficient electric motor, with a

Best Practices for Industrial Electric Motor Asset Management

An industrial electric motor asset management program helps assure that all of your critical electric motors are running at peak efficiency as well as remaining cost effective for your business. How do you set up an industrial asset management program? Read on. Start a Program Get buy in from management by showing the benefits of an electric motor asset management program, and appoint someone to be in charge of it. Inspect and Test Existing Electric Motors This is one of the most important actions you can take for your industrial electric motor asset management program. Get your motors

What is a NEMA Electric Motor?

NEMA stands for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. As part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), this organization helped create the provisions for this law surrounding the improvement of motor efficiency in order to reduce the energy and operating costs for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, reduce electric consumption for electrical motors and reducing pollution as a result, and help identify higher efficiency electric motors for customers. NEMA Premium Motors Reduce Carbon Emissions NEMA also established a NEMA Premium energy efficien

Benefits of an Electric Motor Circuit Analysis

An electric motor circuit analysis is a great way to get electric motor testing done quickly, but what are some of the other benefits of an electric motor circuit analysis? Saves Money An electric motor circuit analysis saves money simply by identifying problems or indicators of future problems early in the process, before they grow into expensive repairs or a critical failure resulting in downtime. Identifies Potential Problems Onsite Most electric motor circuit analysis tools and applications are portable, allowing the operator to perform the analysis at a customer site. This allows a qu

US Business Executive Magazine

Across the United States, countless electric motors whirl, pumps labor and cutting-edge controls keep it all going. Most people have no idea how important these motors are, though, and they don’t know about companies like Tekwell Services LLC, a motor repair and maintenance company that works behind the scenes to keep motors, pumps, gearboxes and fans—anything that rotates—functioning properly.[click here to read feature article in US Business Executive magazine]

Benefits of Using Reduced Voltage Soft Starters

There are two major benefits of using reduced voltage soft starters. They: Reduce mechanical stress on electrical motors Protect the motors from electrical problems such as power surges What are Reduced Voltage Soft Starters? In short, it is any device, used with an electrical motor that, instead of flipping a switch and bringing it to full power, it gradually applies voltage, allowing the motor to control the electrical load and torque of that startup. A reduced voltage soft starter extends the life of your equipment and reduces the need for electrical motor repair. Reducing Mech

5 Differences Between Reduced Voltage Soft Starters and Variable Frequency Drives

Because they serve similar functions, reduced voltage soft starters and variable speed drives many people mistake one for the other. Where a reduced voltage soft starter mainly serves one purpose: To gradually introduce power and torque to reduce wear and tear on mechanical parts of large electric motors. They do this by eliminating damaging power spikes and reducing electrical problems associated with these spikes such as overheating, flickering lights, or even brownouts. Variable speed drives can also do all of this, and much more. Which will work best for you? It depends on what you want

4 Benefits of an IR Thermographic Study

An IR thermographic study, otherwise known as themographic inspection, is a non-destructive method for testing parts, mechanics and operation of systems by looking at the thermal profiles of them through either a special camera that uses thermal imaging to see how hot (or cold) the surface of the device is while in operation. Safe and Fast An IR thermographic study is the safest of any of the non-destructive testing methods that can be performed while the motor is even in operation, so there is no interruption of service while performing the test. Most IR thermographic studies take anywhere

What is Ultrasonic Motor Testing?

An ultrasonic motor test uses a lightweight ultrasonic translator to inspect equipment. This often includes a handheld unit with headphones that can scan for ultrasound either by scanning the air in the area of the equipment or require contact with the object. Why Ultrasonic Motor Testing is Important This is a low-cost way to monitor the condition of your motors and systems. It is a non-destructive testing technology that detects the ultrasound produced by friction as the result of under or over lubricating bearings, indicate signs of wear and imperfections, and predict possible mechanical