Tekwell Services Selected as First Certified SKF Motor Rebuilder to Receive Machine Inspector Training in the U.S.

Several of Tekwell Services’ technicians have recently completed SKF’s Machine Inspector Training. SKF selected Tekwell Services because the company is one of 50 SKF Certified Rebuilder service centers in the U.S., a certification met only by achieving and maintaining the highest standards of quality, process, cleanliness and organization within their service center. This certification is maintained through rigorous, periodic audits of Tekwell’s facilities and procedures. The SKF Machine Inspector Certification training was an intensive three-day, hands-on program that focused on deve

4 Things to Look for in an Industrial Electric Motor Asset Management Program

Detailed Documentation and Record Keeping An excellent industrial electric motor asset management program keeps detailed records, preferably in a database the can be easily accessed. You need to know everything about your electric motor: specifications, hours in service, operational data, details about any repairs or services made for the motor, and any other information that may be helpful for someone pulling it back to active duty. Fast Response Time and Delivery of Asset When Needed Your industrial electric motor asset management program is supported by a knowledgeable staff who are on c

What to Look for in an Industrial Pump Repair Shop – Part 1

There are a lot of shops that provide industrial pump repair services. But how do you find a good one for your needs? What are the qualities of an excellent industrial pump repair shop? Provide a Wide Range of Repairs and Services for Industrial Pumps A solid industrial pump repair shop should be able to handle many different repairs and services such as: Replacing old pumps and installing new pumps Replacing parts Performing coupling, seal and base repairs Providing predictive maintenance services such as vibration testing to help identify problems before they become urg

What is Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance?

Everyone has heard of, and understands what electric motor preventive maintenance is, but what exactly is electric motor predictive maintenance? Electric motor predictive maintenance is when you use non-destructive tests such as infrared thermographic studies and electric motor vibration analysis to electric motors currently in service to identify possible problems so that corrections can be made before they become serious problems requiring an unplanned work interruption. Essentially electric motor predictive maintenance tries to “predict” and correct problems before they become

Factors to Consider Before Using a Motor Rewinding Service

One of the challenges of working with electric motors is determining what to do when the motor fails. Do you rewind the motor or replace it? Here are some things to consider when determining if using a motor rewinding service is right for your motor: How Old is the Motor? The age of the motor is a factor due to the standards established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. These laws established new efficiency requirements for electric motors (as part of the overall program) and these motors are far more efficient and thus less expensive

Causes of Unbalance in Electric Motors

Unbalance is one of the major causes of electrical motor failures requiring often expensive repairs or replacement. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to perform dynamic field balancing services at the first sign of trouble. What are the Causes of Unbalance in Electrical Motors? In general, they are all caused by an uneven distribution of mass around an axis of rotation. This uneven distribution can be traced back to several different causes such as a buildup of dirt or grease on fans, normal wear-and-tear of moving parts, or corrosion within the bearings, rotor, or s

4 Benefits of Dynamic Balancing for Electric Motors

An unbalanced electric motor can cause many problems. The most significant of which being a catastrophic failure due to excess vibration that result in bearing failure, cracks, and other structural defects.  Here are just a few of the benefits of dynamic balancing. Minimizes Noise A well-balanced electric motor is a quiet electric motor. Noise is one of the first signs of a problem. Excess noise is the result of vibration and vibration, if left unattended, makes the problem worse. In addition, noise can annoy or cause fatigue in the operator or others at the workplace leading to lost pr

What is Hipot Testing?

Hipot (or high potential testing) is a non-destructive test that has many names: overvoltage testing, dielectric breakdown test, dielectric withstand test, or insulation resistance tests. All of these tests are designed to make sure that the insulation used in your electric motors are doing their jobs. If the insulation is defective or not performing as expected, the results can lead to power leakage or short circuits which may cause the motor to fail or damage it. Another huge danger of defective insulation is the risk of shock to anyone who comes in contact with that motor. A Hipot tes

4 Benefits of Using a Motor Rewinding Service

When your electric motor is not performing as expected, you often must make a critical decision about it: Rewind it or replace it. There are some instances where rewinding a motor simply is not a practical solution, but many times using a motor rewinding service is a better, lower cost, option. Here are the benefits of using a motor rewinding service: Saves money At less than half the cost of replacing an electrical motor, a motor rewind is an especially cost effective solution when considering large enclosed motors over 100hp. Saves time Most motor rewind jobs take less than x # of hou

4 Benefits of Implementing an Industrial Electric Motor Asset Management Program

A well run industrial electric motor asset management program allows a company to get the most out of its existing electrical motors, as well as making good decisions on whether to repair or replace existing electric motors. Reduce Energy Costs When your existing industrial electric motors are running at peak efficiency, you are saving money on energy costs. And since this is estimated to be 95% of an electrical motor’s operating cost over a lifetime, this savings can be huge. With this in mind, a decision may need to be made about replacing an older, less efficient electric motor, with a