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4 Benefits of an IR Thermographic Study

An IR thermographic study, otherwise known as themographic inspection, is a non-destructive method for testing parts, mechanics and operation of systems by looking at the thermal profiles of them through either a special camera that uses thermal imaging to see how hot (or cold) the surface of the device is while in operation. Safe and Fast An IR thermographic study is the safest of any of the non-destructive testing methods that can be performed while the motor is even in operation, so there is no interruption of service while performing the test. Most IR thermographic studies take anywhere

What is Ultrasonic Motor Testing?

An ultrasonic motor test uses a lightweight ultrasonic translator to inspect equipment. This often includes a handheld unit with headphones that can scan for ultrasound either by scanning the air in the area of the equipment or require contact with the object. Why Ultrasonic Motor Testing is Important This is a low-cost way to monitor the condition of your motors and systems. It is a non-destructive testing technology that detects the ultrasound produced by friction as the result of under or over lubricating bearings, indicate signs of wear and imperfections, and predict possible mechanical

What is SKF Certification? Why is it Important?

Tekwell Services is a SKF certified motor rebuilder, but what does this mean exactly? It means that Tekwell’s  technicians complete extensive SKF training in electrical motor diagnosis and repairs. This includes hands-on training in electric motor analysis, bearing installation, root cause analysis, condition monitoring technologies and lubrication systems to assure that all of our technicians are familiar with the latest technology and best practices for electrical motor repair. Tekwell’s status as a SKR certified electric motor repair shop assures that Tekwell is always using the bes

Proper Care and Storage of Rotating Machinery

When you need to place an electric motor with rotating machinery into storage, there are several factors to consider. They need to be protected from the environment, from vibration and outside contamination. The most important aspect to consider when storing an electric motor with rotating machinery is the location where you plan to store it. Unless you know that the motor will be pressed into service quickly–within a couple of days or weeks at most–the motor should be stored indoors. Indoor storage is the most effective means of protecting an electric motor from the environment, pro

SKF Certified Rebuilder – Press Release

Tekwell Services, a motor, pump, and gearbox repair and service operation with shops in Tennessee and Georgia, announces advanced credentials from SKF for electric motor certified rebuilding. “This designation recognizes our commitment to outstanding quality control“, says Barlow Walters, General Manager. SKF’s certification program requires qualifying companies to undergo rigorous audits which only state-of-the-art shops with a commitment to continuous improvement can pass. To comply with SKF’s exacting standards, a shop must take measures to ensure separation of clean and dirty

Embracing operational excellence in electric motor repair

At Tekwell Services we embrace operational excellence and have done so for generations. So, we were interested in reading what benefits the Houston Chronicle has listed for companies that pursue excellence in operations. In these types of work cultures, managers’ time is freed up to grow the business, because employees are empowered to become problem solvers. Because employees are solving many of the daily challenges that arise, managers can focus on continuing to improve service quality, market the business to new customers and much more. And, because the employees are closest to pro

Motor rewinding shop offers tips to repair/replace motors

Motor Rewinding Service: What Makes Sense? When a motor burns out, asks Smart Energy User, do you rewind it or replace it? Although this article is 20 years old, it still contains plenty of relevant information. Many times, of course, it makes sense to rewind. If the magnetic core is still in good shape, then a motor rewinding shop can bring it back to its original efficiency. Other times, especially when you have an older motor, the problems can also be seen as an opportunity to upgrade to a newer motor, one that will serve your business better and be more energy efficient. To add to the sit

Professional news from industrial motor repair company

Electric Motor Repair Company Joins TAUD Tekwell Services is now a proud associate member of the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD). This organization serves more than 500 utilities and businesses in the state of Tennessee, and its mission is to “provide the highest quality technical, legal and operational support to assist its members in delivering safe and efficient services in the public interest.” David Brooks, outside sales representative for Tekwell Services in Knoxville, Tennessee shares more about the decision to join. “We do quite a bit of electric motor repai

Industry motor repair company shares networking tips

Importance of Joining Professional Organizations In today’s world, networking is crucial – crucial to broaden your network of professional contacts, to learn even more about the industry from different perspectives and to mentor younger professionals on their career path. A helpful article, titled Top 10 Reasons to Join a Professional Organization, shares more details about the benefits of joining. The number one reason listed is to broaden your knowledge, perhaps through seminars offered by an organization. Quality organizations, the article points out, “keep themselves and their me

Five generations of electric motor rebuilding!

Jamey Steffner: Electric Motor Rebuilding Shop CEO You can hear the family pride in Jamey Steffner’s voice as he talks about his great-great- grandfather opening up an electric motor repair business way back in the 1890s. What an exciting time to work on motors, with so much potential on the horizon! The love of entrepreneurship has continued through the Steffner family over the next four generations, with Jamey’s grandfather – and then father – starting their own businesses in the industry. This shrewd business acumen led Jamey’s father to buy the company that is Tekwell Service